Vodafone One Net for the combined business phone and mobile system through iData

The way people do business is changing rapidly, with an expectation for people to be readily available to take calls and for customers to be able to connect quickly. Employees often work in the field or from home, and office-based staff are developing new working practices. This can all be a real headache. Missing business calls and having to return them is frustrating for both parties. Not being able to work productively on the move can have a real impact on customer service and overall efficiency. The solution to all of this? Vodafone One Net through iData.

Vodafone One Net allows your company landlines and mobiles to work together seamlessly. So, wherever your people are working, they need never miss a business call again.



Perfectly integrated infrastructure

Vodafone One Net allows you, your employees and your customers to connect anytime through any device. You can set it so that your customers will always be directed to the best person to help them.

Scalability and flexibility

The system is great for multi-site businesses, allowing the sites to handle calls as one virtual office. Vodafone One Net is a scalable solution that grows with your business, without the ongoing maintenance costs associated with installing extra lines at new and existing sites. New phones can be added as and when needed, and it is simple to integrate additional mobile devices. We and Vodafone will work to configure One Net around your business. Here, at iData we want you to grow your business without having to worry about your integrated landline and mobile phone system.


  • One provider and one contact for all your fixed and mobile phone requirements
  • One number that appears to your customers, whichever device you use
  • One voicemail for all your devices
  • Fix costs with a flat-rate monthly fee and benefit from unlimited internal calls, no call forwarding costs and no on-site system to maintain


  • Make or take calls on any device, wherever you are
  • Set fixed and mobile phones to ring simultaneously or sequentially
  • Get your customers talking to the right person with hunt groups that automatically redirect calls to available people
  • Monitor the availability of colleagues on their fixed and mobile phones
  • Screen calls to filter out unwanted calls


  • Easy self-service management through a web portal
  • New users, functionality and sites can be added through the portal with ease
  • Individual users can manage their calls and call profiles using the mobile app
  • Quickly switch calls to mobile phones or other locations


  • One Net is a future-proof system with a planned roadmap of upgrades and new features
  • System updates managed via the Cloud, so no onsite disruption
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office 365



  • Fully secure hosted phone system located in Vodafone’s core [IP] based network
  • Continued business connectivity and risk reduction in case of unforeseen or external business disruption
  • One standard rate for calls made from a desk phone and mobile.
  • Fix costs with a flat-rate monthly fee and benefit from unlimited internal calls.
  • IP Phone for Office & Complete Suite.
  • Hunt groups allows a group of linked Vodafone One Net Business users to be contacted on a single number.
  • Feature management portal and mobile app available for self-service.
  • Integrates landlines and mobiles so they work together as one.
  • One single remote-access voicemail means no more waiting to hear messages at the end of the day.
  • One Net is a future proof system with a planned roadmap of upgrades and new features.
  • System updates managed via the Cloud, so no onsite disruption.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office 365.
  • Hosted service: As a cloud-based service, new features are automatically synchronised and there’s no concerns over managing an onsite phone system.

Simple and cost effective

One supplier for landline and mobile means one contract, one price plan, one point of contact for specialised support and one standard rate for calls made from a desk phone and mobile. Fix your costs with a flat rate monthly fee and benefit from unlimited internal calls, no call forwarding costs and no on-site system to maintain. You’ll have one phone company and one bill: total simplicity.






Hankinson Group Testimonial

“ We would like to thank the iData team for their work in the implementation of the Vodafone One Net System throughout the Hankinson Group.

We approached iData in March 2014, and tasked them with coming up with a solution that could link all branches together, tidy up the different communications companies involved and bring in new technology thereby future proofing the business for a cost saving.

It took 6 months from start to finish given the size of the project and the in depth and thorough investigation and survey work undertaken. We are very happy with the solution and level of service provided and would like to thank all those involved particularly:

Nick Cheetham – iData
Sonia Mullarkey – Vodafone One Net

The Engineers who attended all sites to carry out assessments and installation: Robert Pell, Richard Davey, Steve Kirkham, Stephen Nicholson and Stirling Pickles.

Together with trainer Ian Burns who visited Head Office once the system was installed to give handset and portal training to employees. iData also helped move a branch of the Group into Head Office and installed a temporary phone system at no cost to us whilst the solution was being set up.

iData and One Net have been and remain on hand to deal with any queries that may arise. They have worked with us and behind the scenes to make the whole installation as seamless as possible and to minimise disruption to the Group. This has been to our complete satisfaction.

We are furthermore impressed that the new system is set to save us 23% on our overall telecommunications costs and that we now have state of the art communications throughout the Group.

Group Operations Director Ivor Thomas commented “we are delighted with the co-operation we have received from both IData and Vodafone One Net in making the transfer from our old system to the new system as smooth as possible. We now have a modern solution that gives the Group a very flexible platform for our telecommunications, moving forward”. ”

Samantha DaviesPA to Group Chief Executive