Vodafone Specialist Partner

iData is a Vodafone Total Mobile Specialist Partner, and we offer the full range of Vodafone business plans. Here at iData we have had a long working relationship with the network. We can work with you to find the most suitable plan for your business and the handsets of your choice.

For the last 25 years companies have trusted the Vodafone network for their mobile phone contracts. The network has achieved some notable milestones in that time; first UK mobile phone call back in 1985, first to the market with 3G back in 2004 and then later with High Speed Data Packet Access (HSDPA). The network continually invests to improve performance and the customer experience.




Vodafone has the widest global coverage across 500 networks for when you need to do business overseas. In 2017 Vodafone was the first UK operator to abolish roaming charges across 50 European destinations, with the launch of Vodafone Global Roaming.

And, for those people that live in an area with a poor signal, Vodafone offer a plug-in solution for the home: Vodafone Sure Signal. It works in conjunction with fixed line broadband and creates a 3G signal, ideal for calls and texts rather than data.

We also offer Vodafone One Net, the business solution that merges mobile and landline numbers as a complete communications package.





Vodafone Testimonial

“ iData has been a committed partner of Vodafone UK for over a decade. As a Vodafone Specialist Partner within our Partner Programme, the iData team has proved their competence and expertise in advising customers and selling a range of Vodafone solutions designed to give businesses the edge in today’s competitive market.

The iData team really take the time to get to know their customers, cutting through the jargon of today’s technology, and by understanding their needs are able to offer the most suitable tariffs, handsets and products. And, it doesn’t stop there, the account management team strive to always do the best for their customers meaning that long term relationships are fostered and a strong three-way relationship between the customer, iData and Vodafone is secured.

As Vodafone UK brings new products and services to the market we look forward to working with iData to successfully communicate, explain, advise and grow our mutual business. ”

Helen FreestoneEnterprise Partner and Alliance Director