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Structured Data Cabling

iData offers a complete data cabling service. From site visit and survey, through specification and installation at a time to suit you. We install and maintain cabling for use with telephony, computer systems and broadband.

Our site engineers will assess your existing cabling and will be able to advise the most appropriate and cost effective solution to upgrade your existing system or the installation of a new system designed to maximise efficiency and allow for future proofing of the system. Each system is tested during installation, a service that many other providers do not offer.

A properly designed and installed structured cabling system delivers predictable performance and should have the flexibility to accommodate moves, additions and changes. A disorganised and messy cabling infrastructure can lead to all sorts of problems. When trying to remedy a problem it can be difficult to identify the correct cable in a bundle, incorrect ports can be unplugged, moving or removing a cable can cause stress to adjacent cables leading to network and channel errors.

Here at iData we have a reputation for giving no nonsense advice, delivering a service that helps our customers get on with their business with the minimum disruption.

Structured Data Cabling Explained

Category 5e and 6 structured cabling is an international cabling standard that allows a single infrastructure for connecting a variety of telephone and computer systems in one manageable network. It’s made up of six subsystems:

  • Entrance facilities – the point where the line from the telephone company network ends and connects to your business
  • Equipment rooms housing equipment
  • Backbone cabling – connects different buildings.
  • Horizontal cabling goes through ceilings and floors to work areas
  • Telecommunications rooms or telecommunications enclosures – connect between the backbone cabling and horizontal cabling.
  • Work-area components – connect employee’s equipment to outlets from the horizontal cabling system.

This is often the only copper cabling you need to install for users and equipment, however, you may want to consider fibre optic cabling (which we also install) for server to server (or network switch to network switch) connections, our team will advise on suitability.

iData is approved by industry leading cabling manufacturers. We are not affiliated with to a single brand so this enables us to specify the right cabling for your needs. We only used cable supplied by manufacturers that have accredited us. By testing every cable we install, we are able to offer the manufacturer’s full installation warranty – usually in excess of 20 years. Each system is tested during installation, using our LanTEK cable certifier, and we can provide full test results. This testing and certification at the installation stage is a service not offered by most other providers.

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