Horizon engineers have been able to take action to alleviate the user experience with being unable to complete Directory / Integrator and Soft Client look up searches in addition to some users being unable to log into their clients. Gamma continue to engage with their vendor to understand the root cause of the issue however further work will take place out of hours this evening to fully restore functionality with minimal impact to live traffic on the network. Throughout the remedial work this afternoon, we are aware that some users may have been logged out from Collaborate for a period of time and we anticipate intermittent issues with directory lookup throughout this afternoon whilst the platform stabilises and in lieu of emergency work now scheduled for this evening. If you have experienced or do experience any issues with signing in, we ask that you re-attempt to log back in. If you are unsure of your password and require a reset, you can do this either via the portal or by contacting the iData IT Team on 0344 84 76 766. A further update will be provided by 9.30am on 5th November. Thank you for your patience during this time.

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