Rapid deploy broadband from iData

Construction site, relocating office, temporary site or pop-up event location? Get connected to 4G broadband in any location straight away.

Whether you’re moving office, acquiring a new temporary site, or you need to set up offices at an event, you’ll need broadband quickly. Typically, fixed lines for broadband and telephones have a long lead time for installation, but with a cellular solution from iData you can be up and running from day one. We bring the components to the site, connect and test the system – it’s as simple as that.

4G, often referred to as Long Term Evolution (LTE), is fast becoming the key to success in connecting teams in remote locations, new sites and at events. When moving to new premises, a fixed line is often ordered in advance, but delays in installation can hamper businesses when they want to move. And, a fixed line isn’t the answer for temporary offices at construction sites, pop-up offices and events. This is where a rapid deploy broadband solution from iData can come to the rescue, getting you up and running in days rather than weeks.

iData’s rapid connectivity solution consists of an enterprise-grade 4G LTE router and simple-to-install antenna. Running corporate applications means that the system needs to be secure, and because our routers are enterprise grade and cloud managed, security is built in.

From day one you can benefit from a reliable and super fast network, no matter where you are. A network that allows access to extranet and internet services, email and file sharing when needed. If you have a centralised management platform you can actively monitor and govern connected devices in remote locations.

Depending on your circumstances, we can install a hire system, or it may prove more economical to buy the system. For instance, once a fixed line has been installed, the cellular solution can seamlessly integrate with your wired connectivity to improve the location’s resilience. By simply converting the rapid deploy broadband equipment to become a failsafe backup solution, it can help to keep the location online if the primary fixed line connection fails, thereby making buying the system worthwhile. This especially helpful to businesses that always need to be connected to broadband to function effectively.

But, why not use a USB modem or personal WiFi hotspot? Well, the limited features of both these options means that security is significantly compromised and they are not really suited to multiple users at one site. The poor quality and small internal antennae results in a poor signal and there is no in-built resilience. The lack of management can increase the cost of ownership and they cannot be managed remotely.

As more organisations migrate to centralised and cloud-based business applications, there is a need to have fast, reliable and secure connectivity when setting up new or temporary locations.

Most businesses use fixed lines as their primary form of connectivity, so when they establish, for example, a new retail store, they will plan a fixed line infrastructure into the development. Yet often, even when pre-ordered months in advance, new sites can be left waiting for their fixed line connection due to long lead times for installation.


Emergency teams

Organisations may need to establish temporary sites very quickly and without notice, so a fixed line install is not an option, e.g. emergency services teams at an incident site. Rapid deploy broadband provides this connectivity.

A permanent solution?

The development of product solutions that benefit from multiple cellular connections, combined with the evolution of LTE, means that 3G/4G networking is now a true alternative to fixed line. Because of the ability to use multiple operators in a single device solution, resilience is inherent – allowing organisations to “cut the wire” permanently and use cellular for their primary connectivity.

Simple to manage

iData’s rapid deploy broadband systems are cloud-managed, enabling central IT resources to remotely configure, manage and monitor all devices in the estate. With advanced features available, IT teams can easily extend corporate policies and practices to the edge of the network.





Sewells Testimonial

“ Just to let you know Carole and I have found the speed of the broadband at home incredible – it’s like we are actually in the office – so fast.

Also, the team have said they’ve noticed a difference in the office too. ”

Amanda WilkinsSales Support Manager