MPLS Broadband

MPLS stands for Multi-Protocol Label Switching. Protocols are an important part of sending and receiving information across the internet and different protocols exist for different telephony technologies.

The term multi-protocol means this type of service uses any kind of protocol, it is not restricted to any particular type of protocol, hence multi-protocol. It is a private networking solution, which allows the data transfer between two or more locations.



MPLS differs from a regular VPN or other IP connection as it uses of labelling. Voice and data get sent in packets, so when those packets are received at the MPLS network, each packet is assigned a label. The packet in reality gets assigned multiple labels, one at a time as it progresses through the MPLS network from one end to the other.

As each packet travels from one hop to another (think of hops as stations), it checks in and drops off any information needed for processing and then gets tagged with another label to replace the one previously affixed. Then it goes to the next station and the process repeats until it reaches the end.

MPLS is an economical and flexible method of connecting your sites through a high-speed network infrastructure with the benefits of a national Ethernet network offering speeds of up to 1Gbps. And, it is flexible with the ability to accommodate change at short notice when, for instance, you need to increase capacity or you acquire a new site.

In contrast to conventional technology used to connect multiple LANs together, Ethernet MPLS provides a simple, seamless method of delivering connectivity between sites.

iData can provide you with MPLS Ethernet which enables you to receive multiple voice, video and data services over the same access connection.

MPLS is less expensive an exclusive Ethernet connection and is capable of traversing several data link layer technologies. It does, however require all sites to be serviceable by the same carrier as there is no network-to-network interface (NNI) with this technology.


  • High-speed, fully managed and secure solution.
  • The ability to connect several offices with an efficient data transfer model.
  • Wide choice of circuit connectivity options.
  • Centrally managed Internet breakout.
  • Converged network ideal for SIP and VoIP traffic.
  • Multi-node resilient core network.
  • Highly scalable network, easily add and remove sites and circuits.
  • The ability to pick the most affordable connection type on a location-by-location basis.
  • Eliminates the cost of buying and managing ongoing premise-based firewall equipment.
  • The ability to prioritise traffic type.

An MPLS Broadband Solution from iData

To discover more about iData’s MPLS broadband solution talk to our broadband team. iData is the connectivity specialist, we have helped dozens of businesses in challenging locations achieve to broadband speeds they need to operate effectively in today’s environment.





Sewells Testimonial

“ Just to let you know Carole and I have found the speed of the broadband at home incredible – it’s like we are actually in the office – so fast.

Also, the team have said they’ve noticed a difference in the office too. ”

Amanda WilkinsSales Support Manager