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The way we work has changed dramatically since the turn of the millennium. Younger people may not even remember the time before work was instantly saved to the Cloud, when mobile phones were used just for calls and texts, or when employees were unable to instantly share news or clips of funny animals with each other.

At iData we love new technology and software that makes the way we work easier and more productive. Microsoft Office 365 enables your business to keep up to date with the latest developments and we make this happen across a range of devices and locations. We know that you expect to be able to work and stay connected wherever you are. Whether you are working from home or away on a business trip, you need easy access to e-mails, documents and the ability to work as a team even when colleagues are scattered all over the world.

Microsoft Office 365 is hosted on the Cloud and provides the perfect solution, whatever size of business, number of employees or the sites to be covered.



What is Microsoft Office 365?

Put simply, it’s a subscription service that gives your business access to a host of services, such as Microsoft Office, the Cloud and Skype for Business, among others. It is designed to make your business more productive and efficient, while reducing hardware and associated running costs. The key features are:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server. This lets you receive, edit and share documents all within Outlook.
  • Skype for Business. Quickly and easily set up virtual meetings with important clients or team members. Conference calls, audio, video and text chat.
  • SharePoint. This is a document management and storage system that’s designed to be easily adaptable for different types of business.
  • Microsoft Office Online. You can create, edit and share files using web browser versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.

Where does iData fit in with Microsoft Office 365?

We can make Microsoft Office 365 happen for your business by taking care of all the practicalities around installation, setup and maintenance. iData will create a hosted Microsoft Office 365 suite for you, which means that employees can then use it in the office, from home or on the go seamlessly. It’s a tailored and scalable service; you choose the parts you need, and then you can add features and users as your business grows. The benefits are summarised as:

  • Affordable, reducing capital and operational costs. You will not need to buy new copies of Microsoft Office; new users can be added to the subscription when needed.
  • Easily synced with mobile devices, as so much work is now done on laptops, tablets and phones.
  • Easy to use and seamless. Most people are already Microsoft users, so they require minimal training to use Microsoft Office 365.
  • Calendars can be shared among employees. So, everyone can easily see meeting times and deadlines, greatly improving and simplifying communication between co-workers.
  • Allows documents and files to be shared, ensuring that everyone has the latest versions at their fingertips.
  • You can add permissions to allow folders and documents to only be seen by the people that need to. Similarly, you can grant permissions to enable documents to be edited by the people that need this facility.
  • Secure and Cloud hosted. Keeping important and sensitive files safe.
  • Easily scalable as your business needs change. As the business grows, new features and functionality can be added, and new users can be created and devices added. Similarly, if there is a need to reduce the number of users or cancel a feature this is simple to do.
  • Can form part of your disaster recovery plan, as whatever happens all your files, data and contacts are held securely on the Cloud.



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