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Machine to Machine Solutions

In today’s digital world we are seeing the demands of many businesses changing rapidly. Organisations are increasingly finding that they need to access data in places where connectivity would not traditionally be in place. To help fulfill this need iData has introduced M2M Solutions.

iData has been helping businesses connect devices as part of their package of services for some years now. We can offer you a solution when it comes connecting and integrating devices with your existing infrastructure with simple advice designed to demystify the process and help your business to move forward.



What is M2M?

M2M is the abbreviation for Machine to Machine Communication. It is the technology that enables networked devices to exchange information and perform actions without the manual assistance of humans. It forms the basis of the Internet of Things (IOT) and is anticipated to connect a staggering 50 billion devices around the globe by 2020. So, all sorts of equipment that would not previously be connected will in future be using a mixture of connectivity to the internet by broadband in fixed locations like offices and Wi-Fi for devices in the field or on the move.

To enable this connectivity specific technologies have been developed that iData can help you unlock to enhance your business capabilities.

We are already becoming familiar in a domestic environment with smart meters that monitor home heating and energy use, allowing to control the heating remotely or for the device to switch the heating off when it senses that no one is at home.

Why M2M can benefit your business

If your business collects and communicates data for tracking, monitoring, measuring or controlling purposes then M2M technology can help improve efficiency, increase control and reduce costs.

Whatever the application, our web-based management platform enables users to control their own M2M estate and connection services from any location and at any time. Sounds complicated, but with the iData team here to advise and assist with the installation and handover it is actually a pain free process that will deliver real benefits to your organisation. And, it gives our customers the ability to deploy M2M applications and services quickly and easily without the need for investment in their own network or Cloud infrastructure.

Users can securely manage device connections in and out of the estate and monitor in-service data usage. An intuitive and easy to use interface simplifies management, reporting and financial forecasting for the entire range of IOT deployments.


Are M2M solutions secure?

There has been a lot of concern surrounding the security of connected devices and the data collected and shared. With M2M solutions from iData there is no need to worry about security. Our solutions are expertly and professionally designed and installed, giving customers the reassurance and peace of mind that their data is protected.

Businesses benefit from:

  • M2M solutions that are hosted on a secure and resilient network infrastructure
  • Fixed IP offered as standard on all solutions
  • Technical know-how and support from our team of experts ensuring optimum security


Parcel Tracking

We are all used to delivery drivers carrying handheld devices when they deliver packages to our doors. These handheld devices use M2M technology that enables them to connect with head office systems to keep the warehouse and end customers up to date with information on the parcel’s location.

Whether the parcel is waiting in the warehouse or is somewhere on route to its destination, M2M technology allows customers to check the status of their items, track their journey and see when they are due to be delivered.

When a package has arrived at its destination, the delivery driver can log this action with their handheld device, notifying the warehouse system that the job has been completed.

Signatures of recipients can also be collected and stored via handheld devices, confirming receipt of an item in case of any future queries.




Vehicle Tracking

Another key benefit of M2M solutions for logistics companies is the ability to track manage their vehicles.

With the installation of bespoke fleet management solutions, companies can collect a wealth of information to help track their vehicle's’ location and to assess the performance of both the vehicle and the driver.

This valuable data helps logistics managers to improve their everyday operations (such as improved route-planning and improved vehicle maintenance), which helps increase efficiency and ultimately reduce costs.





Power Solutions UK Ltd Testimonial

“ Power Solutions UK Ltd are totally independent energy brokers to business and industry based in Chester, operating nationally.

Simon Martin, a member of our broker team, relies on having important price information sending to him to enable him to keep his clients in touch with the market as we offer advice in an increasingly volatile energy supply market.

iData provides swift and efficient mobile telecommunication support and advice to enable Simon to keep information flowing to the relevant key personnel whom we serve as business energy brokers.

iData provides unbiased and intelligible solutions to the telecommunications requirements of modern businesses and Power Solutions rely on their outstanding and totally professional support and advice and are proud to be associated with such a responsive company and the ethical way in which they conduct all their business.

iData is highly recommended on all fronts whatever your business telecommunications requirements. ”

Jeremy TaylorManaging Director