Fibre Optic Switchover to Boost Business Services

A Teesside telecoms and communications company has just expanded its services considerably after plugging-in to the ‘information mega-highway’.

iData, based in Welsh Road on the Deeside Industrial Estate, completed the switch over to FibreSpeed fibre-optic communications network on Thursday last week. The connection is dedicated to carry vast amounts of data at near light-speed with lower associated costs.

Director Chris Quayle said: “People and businesses sometimes refer to their broadband and dialup internet services as ‘connecting to the information superhighway’, so by comparison we’ve just connected to the ‘information mega-highway’.

FibreSpeed allows us to offer more services direct to our customers, which means we give them a better experience and better speed. We are also able to host larger, more complex websites and perform large-scale data backups extremely quickly – without this vastly-enhanced speed this would not be possible.

This new fibre-optic connection will also enable us to launch a range of new products and services in the near future.”

The FibreSpeed cable runs underground from Manchester to Anglesey, providing a wide range of advantages over traditional copper telephone lines traditionally used for internet connections.

Among the major advantages of FibreSpeed are that it:

  • Delivers state-of-the-art, high-speed Internet and telecommunications services. It’s a fast, world-class fibre-optic network specially designed to empower people and business
  • Uses optical-fibre technology designed and dedicated to carrying vast amounts of data at close to the speed of light. With FibreSpeed, upload speed can be as fast as download speed
  • Gives users a dedicated connection, offering very high bandwidth (speed). So performance is significantly enhanced

Dale Weedman, account manager for FibreSpeed the company which maintain the fibre-optic pathway said: “We are delighted that iData has now connected to the FibreSpeed network. Their new high speed connection will demonstrate how great, affordable communications links are able to transform businesses and will allow iData to grow its business and compete vigorously in a tough marketplace.”

About FibreSpeed

FibreSpeed is the fibre-optic cable network which runs underground from Anglesey to Manchester, providing a fast, world-class fibre-optic network specially designed to empower people and business.

FibreSpeed Ltd operates the expanding network across North Wales.

The FibreSpeed project is a public-private initiative with funding from the Welsh Assembly Government, European Regional Development Funds and Geo Networks Ltd. The aim of FibreSpeed is to attract inward investment and assist in the regeneration of the Welsh economy.

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