Fibre Ethernet Broadband

Fibre Ethernet broadband is the next generation of broadband connectivity delivered through a high capacity and resilient fibre optical network. It is often considered a step-up from FTTC broadband, offering data speeds that are typically faster than a regular DSL or FTTC connection. Ethernet speeds are symmetrical (i.e. the same speed for uploads and downloads) as distinct from adsl and fttc, which has faster download speeds than for uploads. Symmetrical speed can increase the performance of data-hungry services like IP communications and enterprise file sharing.



Ethernet is an enterprise-grade broadband internet technology. It provides robust, high-speed data connectivity to cope with data-intensive applications such as operating multiple IP voice lines, virtual private networks (VPN), enterprise web hosting, file sharing and local area network (LAN) connectivity.

Business traffic volumes are doubling every three years and soon 10Gbit/s will be the default access bandwidth required by many sites. iData can offer services between 10Mbit/s up to 1000Gbit/s via an optical Ethernet connection. This capacity will help to future-proof your business as the need for transferring, uploading and downloading data increases all the time. This means that your business will be able to scale up bandwidth as demand increases.

The final point speed will vary depending upon the nature and location of your connection. In most cases, iData Ethernet is delivered over fibre-optic infrastructure through a partner network. If fibre is not a viable option, an alternative fixed-line or microwave solution may be recommended.

The commercial advantages of Ethernet vary with the service delivery method. Fibre-based Ethernet offers superior speed, scalability and the assurance of interoperability with modern services.

Ethernet solutions are available for point to point, point to multipoint or multipoint to multipoint configurations. In addition, Ethernet can be combined with SIP Trunking or Virtual PBX to create an end-to-end voice and data solution.


  • Greater bandwidth for faster uploads and downloads.
  • A single cable can be used for voice, video and many different types of data.
  • A wired Ethernet line is much faster than wireless and traditional broadband.
  • Security – there are no radio transmissions to be intercepted.
  • PoE – Power over Ethernet the cabling can be used to deliver power for small routers/switches and devices so that electrical power wiring does not need to be delivered to the end point.

Ethernet Broadband from iData

To discover more about how iData Ethernet broadband can help to grow your business and extend your capacity talk to us. iData is the connectivity specialist, we have helped dozens of businesses in challenging locations achieve to broadband speeds they need to operate effectively in today’s environment.




Sewells Testimonial

“ Just to let you know Carole and I have found the speed of the broadband at home incredible – it’s like we are actually in the office – so fast.

Also, the team have said they’ve noticed a difference in the office too. ”

Amanda WilkinsSales Support Manager