Category: Service Issues


Further to our previous update, Horizon engineers continue to conduct remedial work to ensure full functionality is restored. They anticipate that the remedial work will be in progress for the next hour. During this time, some users may have noticed they are removed from the platform. We ask that if this is experienced, please attempt to log back in. If you are unsure of your password and require a password reset, you can do this either via the Portal or by contacting the iData IT Team on 0344 84 76 766. Horizon engineers are fully engaged to understand the root cause of the issue and put in place more preventative measures. Thank you for your patience during this time.

SERVICE ISSUES: Horizon Directory

The Horizon team have had some reports of some Horizon users being unable to complete Directory / Integrator and Soft Client look up searches. This may also be impacting some Horizon users that are trying to access the Collaborate platform at this time. Horizon engineering teams are investigating the issue with priority.


Further to the last update, Gamma have advised that the Horizon platforms have been fully restored as of Sunday morning. Fibre engineers had identified and rectified a break between two fibre joints in the London area and the East Coast.

If you are still experiencing problems you may need to reboot your router(s), leave them off for 15 minutes and then power back on. If problems persist following the reboots, please contact us so we can further investigate.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this outage.


Further to the last update, Gamma have advised there is a national network fibre break which is impacting Voice and Data connectivity services. Customers will be experiencing voice connectivity and call quality issues due to the congestion as a result of the fibre break. Gamma engineers are currently working to identify the actual cause of the fibre break, and are working to review alternative traffic routing measures to restore connectivity and alleviate traffic congestion.

SERVICE ISSUES: Horizon Network

Horizon are currently investigating alerts and customer reports of call failures and broadband outages. A further update will be posted once further information becomes available.