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iData are business mobile specialists and we know how crucial mobiles are to business, that’s why we’re committed to sourcing you reliable, good-value and high-quality phones from Vodafone, O2 and EE. Each of these companies offers something different in terms of packages and handsets, but we’re proud to work with all of them.



Discover how iData and Vodafone can benefit your business.

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Discover how iData and O2 can benefit your business.

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Business Mobile Phones from iData

iData specialise in business mobile phones – we know how crucial mobiles are to business. As we are not tied to any one provider we give impartial advice and search the market for the best tariffs to suit your business needs. We have longstanding relationships with Vodafone, EE and O2. iData is also a Vodafone Total Mobile Specialist Partner.



A focus on service

Our highly skilled staff can help businesses of all sizes – so whether you’re on the market for a few mobiles or even several hundred, we’ve got you very much covered. We’ll allocate you a UK based personal account manager who will get to know you and your business to ensure you get the most suitable business mobile package. We know that you want to save money whenever you can, so we will also make sure that you don’t end up paying for features that your business does not need. It’s in our interest to leave you feeling satisfied with your business mobile package.

iData will review your current business mobile bills, web browsing and email requirements and will demonstrate how savings can be achieved. We pride ourselves on getting you the best possible deal, because we know that satisfied customers are repeat customers. Our experts will advise on the best mobile handsets for you, no matter what your business is. We know that different phone features are important to different businesses and industries:

  • Storage space. You might be a business that depends heavily on storing pictures and video, and so your mobiles will require lots of storage space. Cloud storage is also something to consider when looking at packages.
  • Processing speed and multi-tasking. Your employees might require several different apps open at once, which demands a more powerful, faster phone.
  • Camera quality. A high-quality camera is must-have for some businesses.
  • Ease of use. Some companies want handsets for a variety of employees, some of whom may not be as technically literate as others, so they want phones that will be easy for anyone to use.

Our service also includes a courtesy call every three months to ensure all is well with your account and to keep you informed of any industry or technical enhancements that may be of interest to your business. We like to keep up with our clients, to see what else we can do to help out your business.

10 good reasons to choose iData as your business mobile provider:

  1. We are one of the leading independent UK business mobile phone specialists.
  2. And, as we are not tied to one network we can find you the best available contract with Vodafone, One Net, 02 and EE.
  3. We offer clear and sensible advice after listening to how your business works.
  4. We can then offer a range of options, clearly costed, with the aim of reducing your monthly outgoings.
  5. No matter what the size of your organisation, with our wealth and breadth of experience we will find the best possible package to meet your needs. We have customers that use a single handset right through to those with over 1,000 devices.
  6. We will review your current mobile bills, web browsing and e-mail requirements and demonstrate how savings can be made.
  7. With a huge variety of handsets on the market we can advise you about the best models for your business.
  8. We give you your own dedicated account manager and office based customer service agent.
  9. Unlike the network providers we offer an ongoing after sales service with quarterly courtesy calls and advice on technical advancements that may be able to benefit your business.
  10. We can provide Mobile Device Management (MDM) too. This service monitors, manages and secures employees mobile devices across multiple networks.





M J Quinn Testimonial

“ I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at iData for offering a fantastic level of service, even before we had signed on the dotted line. The commitment and work ethic shown was enough alone to persuade me to deal with iData and so far, that has proved to be a very positive decision.

Everyone involved has gone the extra mile to help the transition of our mobile contract to be smooth and care-free, whilst delivering significant savings and a vastly improved service. We now have faith that our business is in good hands! ”

Matt AgrimiNational Purchasing Director