VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) offers a whole suite of features and advantages over landline or mobile calls. Ease of use, flexibility and generally cheaper calls are all compelling reasons to get a VoIP system installed. iData are business communications specialists and we employ a team that has been successfully providing solutions for voice, data and video communications for several years. Have a look to see how else VoIP can benefit your business.

Benefits of VoIP:

  • Cost effective calling, especially over long distances. With an ordinary phone line, you and your employees pay by the minute, but with VoIP, you’re using the internet so you’ve already paid for conversations with your monthly internet bill. If you’re a global business with clients in other countries, you’ll find that international calls made through VoIP are much cheaper than ones made over landline or mobile. Stop paying more for a service that has far fewer benefits and features.
  • Scalability. Ordinary phone systems have a limit on the number of new devices that can be added to them, but with VoIP, it’s easy to add new phone numbers or extensions. Also, with ordinary phone systems, you might end up buying too many phones or paying for a landline that doesn’t get used enough to justify the cost. With VoIP, it’s easy and simple to add or remove lines if employees join or leave.
  • Portability. VoIP can be added to your mobile, so you won’t miss any calls that come to you through your office, even if you’re not there. Great for workers who are always in the field or on the move – cloud-based VoIP servers ensure that you won’t miss any important calls.
  • Caller ID. You’ll be able to identify anyone who calls you via their IP address, so no more unknown callers. You can then choose to whitelist or blacklist certain callers.
  • Easy integration with other business systems. For example, voicemails will be sent to your inbox as emails, so they’re always easy to access. VoIP can also be used with voicemail transcription apps to make recording calls in text form even easier and means that you don’t need to worry about making notes when trying to have a conversation with a client.
  • Conference calling. Ordinary phone lines can only have two people on one call, but with VoIP, you can include everyone who needs to be involved, so no one has to relay messages to the rest of the team – here at iData we want projects and collaboration to be as streamlined a process as possible.
  • Tracking options. Manage your system from your computer.
  • Flexibility. Just because you get a VoIP system installed, it doesn’t mean that you can’t also use an ordinary phone system alongside. Get a VoIP converter and all calls that come into your phone system will be converted into VoIP – you’ll be prepared to deal with anything.

Importantly, you should make sure that your business has the bandwidth to accommodate all of your VoIP users. If you’re unsure, please have a look at our fibre broadband option.

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