Vodafone One Net

Vodafone One Net, a complete service from iData – Vodafone Gold Partner and Solutions Pioneer.

We know, more than ever, businesses require their employees to be on the move and always reachable. Ideal for businesses with more than 10 employees, Vodafone One Net integrates your Customers’ company landlines and mobiles, so wherever your people are working they will never miss a business call again and your customers will always be directed to the best person to help them.

How will Vodafone One Net help you and your business?

A better experience for your customers. Hunt groups will trawl through everybody connected to One Net to find someone who can answer a customer’s call. Also, auto attendant allows callers to contact a particular department/individual and call queuing means that if everybody is busy, the customer won’t just be told to call back later. All of this will lead to happier customers who will feel like they are valued, who’ll then stay with you and tell their friends and family to use you, too.

Easier for employees. They can hold calls, transfer them to colleagues who can help and screen calls to make sure that annoying cold callers won’t keep wasting your time. Call pickup allows employees to answer calls ringing on any phones – we want to make sure that you’ll never miss a call. One voicemail consolidates all of your messages into one place. Employees will feel better able to help customers and they’ll be happier and more enthusiastic about doing it – everyone’s a winner.

Simple and cheap. One supplier for landline and mobile means one contract, one price plan and one point of contact for specialised support. Fix costs with a flat rate monthly fee and benefit from unlimited internal calls, no call forwarding costs and no on-site system to maintain. You’ll have one phone company and one bill: total simplicity.

Scalability. If you’ve got offices all over the place, multi-site office will let you treat all of them as one big virtual office. One Net is a scalable solution that grows with your customers, without ongoing maintenance costs. We and Vodafone will work to configure One Net around your business. Here at iData, we want you to grow your business without having to worry about your integrated landline and mobile phone system.

Other features

  • One standard rate for calls made from a desk phone and mobile.
  • IP Phone for Office & Complete Suite.
  • Hunt groups allows a group of linked Vodafone One Net Business users to be contacted on a single number.
  • Feature Management Portal & Mobile App available for self-service.
  • Integrates landlines and mobiles so they work together as one.
  • One single remote-access voicemail means no more waiting to hear messages at the end of the day.
  • Increased flexibility: A solution which grows with a business and provides access to a 24/7 online feature management portal and mobile app.
  • Hosted service: As a cloud-based service, new features are automatically synchronised and there’s no concerns over managing an onsite phone system.

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