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Communication has always been key for businesses and video and conference calls are now one of the main ways that businesses choose to communicate with employees, clients and customers. Skype for Business is crucial to Microsoft’s vision of the future of communication, using software to improve the way people communicate.

iData are very much aware of and onboard with this vision of the future. We know just how helpful and transformative Skype for Business can be for communication and general productivity, and we want to share its benefits with every business we can.

Video calls, once something found only in science-fiction, are now offering clearer and more meaningful communication between users. Conference calls let you speak to multiple people at once, so everyone on that big project can give their opinions and collaborate with greater ease and efficiency. That’s only one of the ways that Skype for Business can change the way you do business.

Connect and Collaborate

  • Find the right people, make connections, and communicate more effectively with new rich presence features including pictures and location.
  • Attach pictures, video clips and files to messages for quick sharing. Skype lets you communicate in a number of different ways to suit your needs and personal style.
  • Screen sharing lets you show colleagues and clients exactly what you’re currently seeing on your device, even if you’re in different locations. You don’t have to spend time describing what you’re seeing or having to send screenshots to them.
  • Instant messenger allows for fast, simple communication. Sometimes, messenger is all you need and Skype’s is one of the most robust and reliable.
  • Join a call on any device, including Mac, PC, tablet or phone. Whether you’re in the office or out in the field, you can get in on the conversation.
  • Collaborate on files more easily with Microsoft SharePoint. Grease the wheels of productivity and teamwork, and supercharge how fast you get projects done.

Security and Regulation

  • Microsoft make sure that Skype is kept up-to-date with all the latest in authentication and encryption, so conversations about sensitive information won’t be at risk from hackers. iData will never endorse any product that we aren’t sure to be 100% secure from malicious access attempts.
  • Manage your employees’ accounts and access rights so that everyone is only able to contact who you want them to. Address books allow easy access to the people you need to be in contact with.

Simple, Essential, Reliable Conferencing

  • Place attendees in a virtual lobby for greater security and control over who can attend. Make sure that only people who need to be are in the conversation.
  • Collaborate more effectively with built-in desktop and application sharing, PowerPoint upload, and whiteboarding, including the ability to copy and paste images and other content. Anything that will help you get your message across, Skype can provide it.
  • Skype works in conjunction with the entire Office package. Schedule and join meetings with a single click in Microsoft Outlook or the meeting reminder. Ensure that you nor anyone else will ever miss a meeting again.

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