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Windows SharePoint Services is a powerful set of tools that lets you set up robust and easy-to-use collaborative systems for document management. It has a wide variety of different settings to allow you to make the perfect user-friendly system. Windows SharePoint Services differs from Microsoft (Office) SharePoint in that it’s free and offers slightly less features. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve an awful lot with it – it’s got brilliant potential and, at iData, we really love to use it.

  • SharePoint Consultancy – We’re the people to come to when you want a high-quality consultancy service that will help you deliver a SharePoint Services project, whether it’s a simple site structure or something more complex. We have the experience and expertise to deliver something you’ll proud of.
  • SharePoint Development – SharePoint is a powerful platform to base applications on and, here at iData, we think it’s brilliant because it allows our clients to produce projects without the need for programming expertise. This is such an important aspect of SharePoint – it allows people who would normally be too intimidated by programming to let their project development ability flourish. We create bespoke applications that are easy to use and will help our clients to improve their efficiency and maximise their output. Using SharePoint as a development platform is a good idea and many companies should consider it over traditional development techniques because of its easy accessibility and often faster production of parts.
  • Business Process Programming – We can take your business process or capture it ourselves and put it right into SharePoint – making it instantly accessible to your entire workforce. Track the cycle of a process in detail and allow others access to view and edit documents. You can set up alerts to let you know if a document has been edited, so that you know exactly how work is coming along. As complex or as simple as you need it to be – SharePoint is extremely flexible.
  • SharePoint Branding – Do you want your SharePoint site to look as good as your website? Do you want it to have your company logo and corporate branding? Here at iData, we are experts on aesthetics and brand cohesion and we know how important it is for a company’s SharePoint site to match with and complement their worldwide websites. iData can make SharePoint look amazing and be a pleasure to work with. Goodbye battleship grey dull interface – hello SharePoint!
  • SharePoint Support – Our team is full of friendly experts on SharePoint Services, and will gladly help you out if you have any issues or misunderstandings about this powerful platform. We offer helpful support, be it on a day to day basis as part of your IT support or as part of a project team developing and administering SharePoint. The team is dedicated to helping you out and they’re always interested in learning about what you want out of SharePoint. If you need SharePoint support then you’re in the right place.

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