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mpro5 mobile business application: iphone4-with-mpro-login-screen

mpro5, developed by Crimson Tide, is a world class mobile business application, which is available on a range of iOS and Android smart phones, PDAs and tablets.
It drives business efficiency through the mobilisation of paperwork and via its job scheduling, alerting and reporting functionalities – ensuring head office staff are continually updated with the job statuses and availability of staff working out in the field.
What’s more, mpro5 works on a subscription model with no capital outlay (pay per user, per month), requires no internal infrastructure (all included), functions on- and off-line, and can be up-and-running within weeks!

What is included in an mpro5 application?

• The smart phone, PDA or tablet (optional – can be software only)
• Microsoft Azure cloud-based job scheduling website
• Mobilisation of your paperwork/forms
• Job alerts
• Customised reports – emailed directly to predefined staff
• Proof of work accuracy & completion (photo capture & digital signature capture)
• Integration with back-end systems
• Installation & support

What are the benefits of mpro5?

• Increased staff efficiency & productivity
• Reduced admin, paper, post & fuel costs
• No more lost paperwork & hand-writing errors
• No double entry data
• Increased accuracy of data
• Increase customer satisfaction
• Faster invoicing
• Proof of work completion
• Proof of internal & external signature
• Complete paper trail of work completion
• Advanced reporting system
• Greener credentials
• Immediate return on investment
• No infrastructure required
• Many more…!

mpro5 in more detail:IPHONE-IMAGE-4-MAIN-SLIDER

With mpro5, staff can complete all paperwork/forms on their smart phone, PDA or tablet while out in the field. Before and after photo capture, date and time-stamping of form initiation & completion, bar code scanning & digital signature capture are all optional features of mpro5, which can be incorporated in to your mobile forms.

From a unique Microsoft Azure cloud-based website, you can schedule one-off/recurring jobs to the smart phone/PDA/tablet of your staff. From this website you will be able to watch as staff accept, reject, begin and complete jobs, that have been scheduled for them – altering as necessary.

All data entered into the smart phone/PDA/tablet from a completed Job or Form automatically transfers back to your own database system, from where the mpro5 software can be configured to generate customised reports, which can be emailed on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to predefined staff.
For a better understanding of how mpro5 will suit your business – get in touch with us today to organise your free mpro5 demo!


InfoPath is bundled with Microsoft Office Professional Plus and 365. InfoPath is used to create forms to capture information and save the contents as a file on your PC or in SharePoint. InfoPath forms can be viewed on mobile devices if viewed from a browser hosted on SharePoint.


InfoPath can be used to access and display data from divergent sources (web services, XML, databases, other forms) and have rich interactive behaviours based on Rules, Conditions and Actions. Forms can be viewed in an application when using InfoPath Filler or in a Web Browser when the form is published to SharePoint.

iData can help set up the environment needed to capture the data including creating workflows and also design the forms themselves.

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