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Sage have been providing innovative solutions to problems involving business management, payroll systems, accounting, HR and manager customer relationships for over 30 years. This means that they are experts in all these aspects of business and, as such, are always willing to engage with and take advantage of all of the latest innovations in these fields, such as the cloud.

A fantastic innovation

Data is now very often stored in the cloud, and Sage is extremely aware of this. They offer cloud-based storage for all of their systems, including their accounting and payroll packages. They pay to run enormous, secure data centres all around the world and we want you to benefit from these economies of scale.

The transition from physical storage to cloud storage can be quite daunting and disruptive for a business, so that’s why iData is offering to help in your transition to Sage Cloud. We’ll make sure it happens smoothly, that nothing is lost and it’s all very carefully and securely stored. There’s nothing worse for a business than losing important and sensitive data in the transition that is meant to improve the business’ productivity.

The service is great for companies with no server capability that need to share Sage, or for companies with no in-house accounts team that liaise with an external book keeper or accountant.

The Sage data is replicated every two hours to independent hardware as part of the service and the data is backed up to an additional data centre every day. This is a fantastically effective way to keep your data backed-up and secure.

Benefits of Sage Cloud Services:

  • Scalability – Once you have paid for a package, you’ll be able to add more and more data to be stored without paying extra.
  • Increased IT responsiveness – All data is in the cloud, so you know exactly where to find it all times. No more rooting around for USB sticks or external hard drives – everything is instantly available, all in one place.
  • Reduced capital expenditures and overheads – Hard drives cost money, occupy office space and fill up quickly. Cloud storage is a great way for business with limited physical space to keep it from filling up.
  • Mobility – Less physical components like internal and external hard drives. This is so important for employees whose work demands that they be on the move for much of the time – as long as they have an internet connection, they’ll always be able to access the files they need.
  • Security – Hard drives and memory sticks can be lost or stolen very easily. Sage backs up and protects your data with watertight security measures and protocols to prevent data loss. Here at iData, we firmly believe in Sage’s commitment to security and are proud to offer their services.
  • Access – You can choose who has access to certain data in the cloud. No need to spend hours encrypting the various storage devices you’ve got in the office – streamline the process by giving access rights to your employees.

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