O2 Business Mobiles

O2 offers unlimited calls to over 21 million O2 mobiles in the UK.

You can now join up your business communications when you’re mobile and when you’re not. iData can provide the complete package for mobile, mobile broadband, email on the move and landlines.

O2 are a network you can trust:

  • The o2 network covers 99% of the UK population
  • o2’s 3G data network covers over 84% of the population and is HSDPA ready (HSDPA is enhanced 3G, also referred to as 3.5G)
  • o2 are the most popular UK network for people with smartphones
  • You can get online with unlimited access to the largest network of Wi-Fi hotspots and Wi-Fi browsing doesn’t come out of your data allowance


O2 work with over 430 phone networks in more than 190 countries, which ensures you can stay in touch when you’re abroad.

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