Fibre Broadband

This is the stuff that’s powering the future of business and leisure alike. Blistering speed, massive web hosting space and unlimited uploads. iData are proud to say that we’re offering this exciting new service, ready for you to take advantage of to help push your business into the future.

Fibre broadband is otherwise known as ‘super-fast broadband’. Fibre-optic works by sending beams of light down a cable, reflected along using glass or plastic, which allows for much faster transmission of data. This is so much faster than the old copper wires which are used in standard broadband cables. It is supplied by broadband operators, which install fibre optic cables to increase the speed of your broadband connection. iData offers this broadband to both homes and businesses, so that you can take advantage of this technological advancement.

Fibre Broadband Features

  • Customer service and technical support. Our renowned customer service team is composed of several experts on fibre optic and will be happy to help you with any installation or operational issues. All of our team members are fully qualified and very knowledgeable on the subject of broadband.
  • Local rate calls to sales, customer service and technical support. Help should never be expensive – the team is always happy to help you if you’ve got any questions about fibre broadband or anything else you’re having trouble with.
  • Unlimited uploads. If your company relies on cloud services to store its files and data then this superfast broadband will do wonders for your upload space and speed. No more spending ages uploading files to the cloud, iData want to speed up every aspect of business to make things easier for you.
  • Lightning fast downloads. No more waiting for ages, whilst files and documents download. We want collaboration to be as quick and easy as possible. On top of that, video streaming will also be a much faster affair.
  • 11 POP3 Mailboxes. Though it’s been around for a while, POP3 is still the most secure your emails are going to be, since they are only stored on the machines that receive them, so are extremely difficult to hack into unless you’re actually on the computer that received them. Why fix what isn’t broken?
  • Email anti-virus protection – this protects your inbox from nasty emails meant to steal data or bring harm to your business. This malicious mail can be from criminals or even other competitor companies, engaging in corporate espionage – never take risks when it comes to your company’s security.
  • 2GB web space – web space is how much server space you have to store your website on. Without this you won’t be able to have a website, and the 2GB that iData can give will provide plenty of room to play around with.
  • Back-up dial-in account to make sure that you’ll always have internet access.
  • Global access to your email with Zen Webmail.

We are experts in all things broadband, so you’re in safe hands when you choose iData for your broadband installation needs.


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