Ethernet first mile (EFM)

Ethernet first mile (EFM) from iData is built on a  proven and robust network structure using multiple copper pairs to deliver a high capacity Ethernet service as an ideal upgrade for customers still using SDSL or Leased Line services.

This is a superior technology delivered using less copper pairs than competitors without compromising on speed.
In fact, iData can provide symmetrical speeds of 2Mbps, going up to 10Mbps over 2 copper pairs and 20Mbps on 4 copper pairs.

2 copper pairs – up to 10Mbps (2 Pair)
4 copper pairs – up to 20Mbps (4 Pair)

Speed is dependent on line length and quality of copper.

  • Maximum line length of 3200m for Dual and 3900m for Quad
  • Minimum speed is guaranteed or Partner has option to cancel at no charge
  • Service bandwidth is symmetrical and uncontended.
  • No bandwidth charge on usage

Benefits of Ethernet First Mile:

  • Resilient – We’ll deliver over two or four copper pairs (giving you choice), allowing access resilience on the first mile. In the unlikely event that one pair fails, rather than your Ethernet service being lost, it will continue running at a degraded speed pending an engineer resolution.
  • Largest Footprint in the market – With over 1900 exchanges already live with equipment, we’re confident we can connect sites in the same area, as well as remote sites across the UK where other providers can’t, simply because they don’t have our reach.
  • Fixed Price – Our Business has a simple fixed pricing structure. The only variables are the number of pairs and the contract length. No additional excess install charges (Up to £400) – site survey or work required (digging up roads etc)
  • Lead Times – Lead time for Ethernet is dependent on the exchange status. It can start from 25 working days where only the customers copper pairs need to be installed to 90 working days, where there are capacity issues.
  • SLA –  We provide you with a 7 hour fix for priority 1 incidents (complete loss of service).To discuss the options for your Business’ Ethernet first mile, please contact iData to discuss your requirements on 0844 84 76 766.

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