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The most common question people ask when it comes to broadband is, “there are so many packages to choose from, where do I start?”

It’s a fair question because the number of options can be entirely overwhelming. Broadband providers throw so many figures and so much technical jargon at you that it feels almost impossible to choose between them.

iData want to make things for simple for you. We’ll talk to you and analyse your business to work out what you need from a broadband package. We’ll then suggest the package that we think will offer you the best in terms of speed, number of users it can accommodate and price.

Speed is the one which is easiest to get your head around. Faster speeds equals faster downloads, faster uploads and faster browsing. Slow speeds are annoying and can be disastrous for productivity and the general running of your business, but you don’t want to pay for the fastest package if your business doesn’t need it.

The number of users you’ll have on your broadband is also very important. Is your business made up of five employees? 10? 100? More users will take up more bandwidth, so make sure that you’ve got enough to accommodate your business.

With iData, there are several connectivity options to choose from and users are charged monthly at a fixed flat rate. Our broadband provides an “always on” connection with simple installation of bespoke packages tailored to your needs.

Our customer service team are always happy to help if you have any issues with or questions about your broadband.

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